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Getting Traction

I created trAction Painting in late 2011. Started by repurposing inline skates as “brushes” (skainting) and eventually gravitated to bicycles I fitted with racks I built to hold and dispense paint to the wheels (bainting). The next wheeled addition to the mix was a walker—most appropriate, given my deteriorating vertebral discs. Since then, Razor scooters have entered the picture.


In spite of these back problems and in spite of knowing better, I let “anything for art” be my mantra and created trAction Painting works, ranging in size from 14 x 18 inches to 15 x 30 feet. Skainting is now out, though bikes, walkers, scooters are still doable, though not often.


My goal is to develop and perfect the genre by directing spry BMX bikers and skaters, for example, to create works under my direction, taking these efforts in new, more compelling and productive directions.


The ultimate objective, however, is to develop a multidisciplinary curriculum—based on trAction Painting-inspired lesson plans and/or events, incorporating math, science, writing, art, and environmentalism. The proof of concept occurred in the summer of 2014, when several associates and I guided 18 kids in the creation of a 14 x 7-foot canvas at a week-long summer camp. During the work’s creation, we brought in the disciplines noted above.


Other events are in the works, and we are consulting with educators to develop and refine the lesson plans.

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