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Summer Camp

trAction Painting transforms bikes, scooters, skates, walkers—almost any wheeled vehicles—into “brushes.” It also helped transforms the thinking of kids who experienced it for the first time at a 2014 at a summer camp held by me and my associates in Pittsburg, CA. We showed them how their artistic efforts contained elements of math, science, kinesiology, and environmental stewardship. Employing bikes, scooters, and skates, they created a 7 x 14-foot canvas. The impressive result of their work and dedication is displayed in a housing complex managed by Contra Costa Interfaith Housing.


Everyone had a great time and kept journals during the 4-day camp. “This week I experienced that anything you do with colors could be art. Art can be really fun. You can use roller skates, bikes, and skateboards to make art. So today we made art,” wrote one of the young trAction painters. Making education fun was one of our objectives in this first test of trAction Painting as foundation for a multidisciplinary curriculum.


April 2013 was a busy month for trAction Painting: on Saturday the 6th, a skainting performance at the cavernous Tate Gallery in Danville, CA, including musical accompaniment. The following Friday, an event at the more intimate Apples and Oranges Gallery in Oakland. My son, Sean,  assisted me in both endeavors and made this video with footage primarily from the Tate performance. Each event resulted in a 9 x 12 canvas.


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